Miles Maker

"I spend time in the company of another human being... and I make an observation." Sean Penn

I want to make everyone I photograph feel significant, appealing and altogether unique. I'm an instinctive observer of remarkable characteristics in people, which I strive to convey in the imagery I create. My interaction with each person and our environment inspires my creative direction, which is why I prefer on-location photography vs. studio work. Less can be more when creating a moody, dramatic, intimate and truthful portrait.

My photography communicates storied realism. I like to work with natural and available light sources to create a storied reality with truth and authenticity. As I evolve, I want to explore in-studio low-key photographs with minimal constant lighting to deliver a maximum effect; prominent shadows and near-black tones with minimal midtones and highlights—serving as poignant counterpoint to the darkness. When the light source is close to the subject, there's faster falloff from highlight-to-shadow to convey drama that sets the mood and isolates the highlights against a canvas.

Miles Maker
Los Angeles
CA - California